Future Clients

Engaging a recruiter is a commitment of both time and money, and it should not be taken lightly. Before you engage a firm, try to envision the experience.

Our value proposition is simple: we know what you're going through.

  • If you need a head of engineering who understands how to fulfill the vision of where your product is heading, your recruiter needs to "get it" without much explanation. If you are looking for a couple of salespeople to help make your number – and not have to be replaced after 9 or 12 months - your recruiter needs to know the real thing from the many masqueraders.
  • You want your recruiter to know your business - to have knowledge that can only come from living it every day. At Enterprise Recruiters this is all we do.  We recruit mid-level and technology leadership hires for health technology and tech-enabled service companies.  We've recruited for your competitors and perhaps your colleagues.  We may even have worked with them in a prior life.  

This translates into the right match, delivered more quickly, and requiring less of your time.