Your Career

Perhaps you're exploring your next career move, or maybe you're already out of work. We'd like to help. We invite you to take advantage of our industry knowledge and connections, our search experience and our empathy.

Since we specialize in your industry, we have worked with others – your colleagues, friends, or competitors – that have had similar career aspirations and opportunities. Some have shared the same challenges, frustrations, and concerns.

We believe our work as search consultants is all about relationships. To us, you are not a resume. You’re a person, a unique blend of ideals, ambitions, achievements, education, training, experiences, and maybe even anxieties.

We are not simply looking for the next placement. We're looking for the next relationship, one that goes beyond a given stop on a career path. Maybe we will place you in your next position, or maybe the one after that. Perhaps we'll simply lend an ear and offer guidance and encouragement. You might even become a client at some point, allowing us to help you recruit top talent.

Regardless of where the relationship leads, we look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, feel free to review the resource material under Managing Your Career; we hope it’s helpful.